Andy Boswell


Rest in Peace Andy Boswell❤
November 1, 1972 ~ August 19th 2018

Andy Boswell was a cherished original member

of the KBCZ family and will never be forgotten.


Andy was one of the very first DJ's to knock on KBCZ's door, even before there was a door, back when the station was just an idea, a dream he helped shape into a reality. His show, Radio Babylon, aired late on Saturday nights and was always a party! Deep cuts with songs that were quirky, different and always fun.  Andy had a wicked sense of humor and was very open about his love of music, the station, and the community. He was also very generous, eager and happy to help other DJ's and the station at large. 

Andy was a talented artist and graphic designer as well.






He created the KBCZ logo (a tall redwood tree with radio waves shooting out of the sides), which means his presence will gratefully remain a part of KBCZ forever.

For the KBCZ staff, it is impossible to look at that indelible logo and not think of him - - something both beautiful and very sad.  Andy also created 5 years worth of fun and colorful posters for our spring dances, music fests, Halloween celebrations and our other fundraisers.

His little raccoon characters on the Flicks in the Sticks posters were a beloved town favorite. 

Andy Boswell's energy, humor, positive attitude, and immense talent on and off the airwaves will always be remembered, and always be missed. 


Most of RADIOBABYLON has been archived here.

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