'Doc Holliday Presents'

Thursdays 3:00pm-4:00pm

Doc Holliday Presents an hour of C&W Music with a mission.  Not since 1967 have the Grammys had an award category that honors an

American Roots Treasure: Western Music.

Country and Western became just Country, which became Pop.  Cowboys and Cowgirls had nowhere to turn for their unique American Art Form.

Until now.  Using Outlaw songs as a wedge, Doc is rising from the grave to energize C&W music as COWBOY and Western. He's recharging the genre with competitions between the great Americana song capitals: The Santa Cruz Mountains, Hollywood, Dallas and Nashville.

"If you want to draw a crowd, start a fight."  And as Wyatt Earp famously said, "There's no better man in a fight than Doc Holliday."

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