The Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek

Contrary to most rumors, the Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek does not live in an underground dungeon with walls lined with moss and shackles. He is a man who has lined his walls with so many albums of LPs, cassettes, and CDs that their colorful spines brighten up the rooms.

When he starts his mornings he does not rely on caffeine infused beverages, instead, he uses music, like Metallica’s Fight fire With Fire, or Anthrax’s Death Rider at wall rattling volumes to help kick start his day.

In his youth the Ozzy Freak was a tall man at 6 feet-3 ¾”, but as so many do as they age, he has shrunken, and now stands at 5 feet 8” tall.

He has been a DJ with KBCZ since May of 2016. He is the first DJ to do a live broadcast of his show and that was way back in September of 2016. Now a veteran of live broadcasting and on-air gaffes, the Ozzy Freak invites you to listen to his two creations.

 Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM  The Hardrock for the Humpday Show.

Friday nights at 10:00 PM  The Metal from the Mountains Show

This Started It

These Solidified It

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