Our 2018 Spring Pledge Drive was a huge success and got us on our way to completing our antenna project. We will begin construction on our new antenna site this year and realize the dream of broadcasting our signal to the limits the FCC has allowed us.

KBCZ continues to grow and expand. We currently are also raising funds for a sufficient back-up power system to have on hand, so that when Boulder Creek loses power in town, the station doesn't lose power as well.

Our giving levels are:

____KBCZ Tree Hugger  up to $25.00

____KBCZ Nut  $26.00-$50.00

____KBCZ Fiend  $51.00-$100

____KBCZ Fanatic $101.00- $250

____KBCZ Maniac anything over $250

No need to wait for the pledge drive to start, you can donate now and make all your friends jealous!!

Call now at 831-703-4420 or hit the donate button!

Pledge 2018


Thank you!

We raised $3,500 during our 4 day fall pledge drive in 2017.

  What an amazing show of support from our community. We are grateful for your support.  We will have another pledge drive in spring to achieve our goal of $10,000. We are excited to start work on our antenna structure. 

Thank  you for your support. 

"Thank you for providing fire info to the community. Please continue this excellent and critical public service for us" -BC Resident

"So relieved to hear your voice and I can now get a grip.

You're info is great. xojj" -Another BC Resident!


Help us achieve our goal and bring local info, local voices, music and community support to more of the San Lorenzo Valley.

You can come by the station located at the intersection of Highways 9 and 236. You can call in a donation at 831-703-4420, or use the donate button below to donate via PayPal through Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks Department.

Thank you for listening!

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