Foraged to Table

Here are some pics of a vegetarian dinner I served last night featuring locally foraged greens & wild flowers. Ingredients included wild mustard -the yellow flowers, wild radish - the purple & white flowers, wild onion lilies, and nasturtiums - the orange flowers. The close up picture of the purple flower is a good example of plants in the brassica family which includes mustards, radishes, cabbages, and cole crops. These plants are very easy to spot because they all share the same flower structure making them perfect for the amateur forager. Both the flowers and the greens are edible and so are the seed pods when they are premature. As it gets later in the season, the seed pods become hard & no longer desirable. The seed pods of the radish plants and the flowers of both make a great snack while on a hike. The seeds of the wild mustard plant, when fully developed, can actually be ground into homemade mustard.

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