...gettin' ready for grill season

chicken with lemon, herb, garlic marinade

here's a simply way to put some zing in your chicken before you grill it:

in a large bowl add about six of your favorite bone-in chicken pieces for the grill (for best results, use a variety pack) add:

1 cup olive oil

1/4 cup chopped garlic

2 T cracked pepper

1 -2 T kosher salt

1/4 cup Cajun seasoning

1 handful rough chopped parsley (stems & all)

1 lemon sliced up

mix together all ingredients & let sit for about 2 hours at room temperature. Immediately put onto a hot, cleaned, oiled grill (without removing lemons) and cook hot until charred on the outside. move to lower medium heat and cook slowly until 165* at the bone. let rest before eating.

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