KBCZ Debuts at the Redwood Mountain Faire!

Wow, what a weekend we had up in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley. For those festival goers who ventured out to the Redwood Mountain Faire, they were treated at the entrance gate to the homegrown sounds of KBCZ. The station set up a remote broadcasting desk and had a rotating group of DJ's broadcasting throughout Saturday and Sunday. Yes, we had some technical difficulties, but our volunteers persevered we all had a great time. This was a great test for more remote broadcasts in the future!

The music was fantastic, with highlights including Jesse Daniels, Eliott Peck, The Felton Fillies, Soulwise, and the Rainbow Girls to name a few. The beer was "Pintly Perspectively" approved with a welcome newcomer to the lineup, Corralitos Brewing and their tasty Hop Kiss IPA. Discretion Brewing was also there in addition to East Cliff Brewing.

The fog cleared on both days around noon and people were streaming in droves. By the afternoon, the meadow was completely covered with blankets and chairs and smiles were everywhere. This event is no small feat, it takes 600+ volunteers and multiple days for set-up and breakdown. This was the 9th year at Roaring Camp and in that time the festival raised over $350,000 dollars all for charities and non-profits in SLV!

I love this festival and hope that all who went enjoyed it as well. And for those of you who have never attended, put June 2020 on your calendar!

- Your reggae-soul, beer and festival loving deejay,

Big Bri

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