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When it comes to blogs I am a complete novice. What do I write about? Will it be interesting to others? Once I decide on a topic, where do I start? So I decided to write about one of the things I do best, listen to KBCZ. This will be my story about what was happening on-air during the week of Wednesday March 6th, through Tuesday March 12th, 2019.

The first story of the week starts with the Wednesday afternoon drive-time show hosted by Dee Friended and Becky T. As you may know, every week their show has a particular theme and this week was focused on the upcoming International Women's day. These two women have a great time together, which makes for great entertainment, and this week was no exception. The one song that stood out more than the others that day, was the theme song from the tv show Wonder Woman. Well played.

Later that evening on Matt's Altered State, Matt was having an interview with author Max Mobley as they were discussing his newly published book Howard and Debbie. The two were talking about the upcoming book release party at the Steel Bonnet Brewery in Scotts Valley, the details of the book, and how Max gathers his ideas for his writing. Both Matt and Max have become great friends because of KBCZ and their mutual love of music, which translated into a fantastic interview.

Let's turn our attention to Thursday March 7th. Wade's World of Cannabis is one of the newest shows on KBCZ and has started to create a buzz, as it should. Wade and his guest Robert were discussing certain business aspects, in regards to the Cannabis Industry, but they also brought up some medicinal benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) that I found fascinating. Apparently they both have witnessed people they know, to have benefitted from the administering of CBD, so much so that the person stopped the treatment because they felt so much better. Remember everyone will react differently to different treatments, and by no means is it my opinion or recommendation, that everyone should use a CBD treatment to help with their maladies. I am not a doctor or a pharmacist.

Next, on Thursday at noon, was the show Feltopia, hosted by DJ Laurey and DJ Kevco. Guess what? They also had an in-studio guest, his name was Mike Eisenstein. Mike was there to share stories of working with Paul Kanter and Jefferson Starship for 14 years. It turns out Mike was also there to discuss the creation of his own CD. Wow, how cool is that? Real people from the music industry in our very own KBCZ studio.

That wasn't the last of the Thursday news. DJ DayQuil, on her show called the Daily Dose, had some studio guests, except this time it was the band Shoobies. It was so cool. Not only did the band do an on-air interview, they also played a number of songs live in the KBCZ studio. With all of this activity in just 2 days I gotta say KBCZ has definitely outgrown it's "cute little station" baby status.

What caught my attention on Friday? First it was Rudy and his Redwood Radio program, which I like to refer to as Redwood Rudio. The show started with, what all of us DJ's strive for, a magical mix of songs that could be on an ultimate mix-tape. The first hour of Rudy's show was a mix of songs that were used to celebrate his anniversary with his wife. Redwood Rudio just became Redwood Coolio.

Then came The Reggae Soul Power Hour and The Pintly Perspective, hosted by Big Bri and Eric Dizzle. Big Bri said let's "start off with some songs to get ready with", you know something like taking a shower and getting ready to go out. Then they finished with a story of the famous Elephant Gate at the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark. What? I gotta find out what that's about!

The last bit of fun I heard on KBCZ on that Friday was when Jeffro, during his Notes from the Underground program, was talking about the KBCZ dance in April. He was reading the information from the poster and made a reference to wearing "your best 80's garb". I think he said he is still wearing what he wore from the 80's because, and I quote, "I'm not much of a fashion guy".

Saturday March 9th started with DJ PK and his Jazz Report program. With the weather that was happening that morning his show had the perfect vibe. A bit later, before his regularly scheduled program, Justinsane hopped on the airwaves to broadcast what he learned about a fire that was happening up 236 outside of Boulder Creek. Part of KBCZ's purpose is to provide information that the community could benefit from. Thumbs up to Justinsane!

Also on that Saturday, I made my way up to the Steel Bonnet Brewery to attend the aforementioned book release party for Max Mobley. Many of the KBCZ deejays were in attendance, in addition to former DJ Tarable, and it is great to see that our time at the radio station has brought us together for other social functions. After leaving Steel Bonnet I, as is always the case, turned on the radio in my car, and began listening to Unburied Treasure, hosted by the Randy Man. It turns out his theme for the show that day was a series of songs based on names. Every song title included a name, and I thought, what a great idea.

On Sunday I had an appointment to see Carina for a hair cut and some color (red). While sitting in the salon Carina remarked how she no longer uses an iPhone playlist, and always has KBCZ tuned in. Awesome! As she did her magic we were enjoying the sounds of DJ Quinn Hite's Totally Improvised program, which is a jazz show that airs on KBCZ on Sunday mornings. I was loving the gypsy jazz of guitarist Django Reinhardt, which I learned about from The Hellecasters guitarist John Jorgenson, and then Carina mentioned how she and her clients were enjoying the Jazz Report from the previous morning. Cool stuff indeed.

Monday wasn't as full of details as the previous days, as it is impossible to listen to KBCZ every hour of the day. During the Sam the Ram drive time show I experienced one of the things that I cherish so much about the station, and that is the fact that you will hear, something you never heard before. This time, somewhere after 5 PM, Sam played a punk rock song that was sung entirely in German. What the punk is going on here? I enjoyed the song immensely and glad that we at KBCZ have the freedom to play such a song, if we desire. But, what brought me the most joy on Monday, was the fact that a listener, when speaking about listening on the previous Friday night, made this comment. "I was enjoying the radio so much in my truck, that I went inside my house and tuned in the station." Cool. Another connection with a listener, well done Jeffro.

Tuesday March 12th, the final day of "MY week with KBCZ". So, David Gibbs and his show called Freak-Folk & the Cosmic Radio, on Tuesday mornings from 10 - Noon, is one of the newer KBCZ programs. While listening intently to KBCZ for the final day of the week, I noticed how Mr. Gibbs discussed the differences in weather between Boulder Creek and San Diego, whilst playing his personal blend of musical tastes. Yet another DJ showcased their broad mix of styles and flavors. Speaking of flavors, later on that same Tuesday, Chef Eric started talking about steaks and mushrooms and sautées , and I was getting really hungry. I just had lunch, but now I wanted something more. Unfortunately, my Tuesday experience with KBCZ was not complete, as work and power outages interrupted my listening.

That was some of "My week with KBCZ". I wish I could have listened to all of the programs to give you some feedback on what I, and hopefully the listeners in radio-land, enjoy. Thanks for reading this, thanks for listening, keep it locked in to 90.1FM, what will they play next, like us on Facebook, tell your friends, feel free to share with your neighbors, feel free to get involved, it's fun, it's good for the community, and........

All Hail! KBCZ !!!

The Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek

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