Sunshine brings out the music!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

As the clouds have cleared and the great golden orb warms up the earth, I can't help but think about how it affects the music that goes in to my daily mix. Of course the upbeat reggae, such as Pick Up The Pieces by The Royals, or a fun ska tune like El Pussy Cat by the Skatalites gives me a happy feeling while basking the rays. Some grooving soul music by newcomer Ben Pirani and his debut album, How Do I Talk To My Brother" makes me want to sit with my feet in the river or take ride along West Cliff.

In the realm of music, there must always be a give and take. We can't live our lives by sunny, happy music alone. I guess we could and we'd have a perpetual smile on our faces, but what fun would that be? I love how this last winter's dark skies and heavy rain gave me joy while listening to Little Ann's masterpiece, Deep Shadows and a new gem I just discovered, Parachute by Thee Lakesiders. Nothing like cold and windy nights and some heartbreaking soul music.

Now we come to the yang of that yin and can enjoy Delroy Wilson and his hear cover of Theo Beckford's classic "Easy Snappin" and feel like our hearts are solar powered. And rise with the temperature and feel that happiness in warmth and music. Music festivals will soon be popping up like daffodils and the echoing sound of live music bouncing off the redwoods is a welcomed sound.

Before we leave the darkness of winter and enter into spring and with the chances of rain in the forecast, I'm going to turn up the Mighty Diamonds' I Need A Roof, lay down and feel that comfort only music can bring!

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