The Shoobies: Impressions from The Poet and The Patriot

The Shoobies are a local trio consisting of Alex Vareljian (Bass), Evan Hildebrand (Drums), and Jacob Ellzey (guitar/vocals). They are a self described Post-junk, surf, and garage rock band local to Santa Cruz where the trio met and started playing together. They can commonly be found playing raucous house shows crammed with youths slamming about on stained carpets and cement garage floors as well as many small venues around town. The music is messy and, especially in the more surfy bits, almost kitschy while remaining potent and catchy. I caught them recently for the second time in a row at The Poet and The Patriot with Fellow DJ's Judge Bonedry and DJ Dayquil. Dayquil is a big booster of the band always down to see them and Bonedry was seeing them for the first time in this crowded venue playing from the rooms corner to a busy bar and mixed standing and seated patrons who were turned about on leather benches to watch them. During their set I took down some of my impressions waxing poetic off of a bit of Guinness:

The sound is like a wash. Just cheeky in reference to something so obvious you know its a joke the vocals garbled so as to make the words meaningless beside the warbling tones. Big sound in little rooms. Surfy but all out of whack like someone wading into the waves in blue jeans. Just enough funk and blues a little motor city syrup. This grease and post-punk grime of bands like Ty Segall glisten iridescent on the water in shiny guitar licks. The voice comes down a copper tube at least two decades long, analog. The singers adams apple a cathode in a dusty vacuum tube. The dust kicked up in the wide west. California weird. Alliance of spiritual drifters and the soil caked laborers from all lands to here. Children of vaqueros, Okie offspring, refugee neighborhoods mingling into punk kids. Hip Beach bums and bored suburbs grow stringy hair and it fills in the leisure states wide open spaces. Still there is no more land to the west and so this all curls in like Arabic scales. In on itself as a fern fronds furls. Good music for highways.

I felt that the music is good and very rooted here in our local environs. I've never had a bad time seeing the band and although the sound was a bit washed out in the venue due to some amp shenanigans the melodies and rhythms came through and they are good ones. So if you'd like to go check 'em out look for em in the lineup around town or even interviewing on KBCZ.

Their soundcloud is at the link below:

Thanks for catching my thoughts I'll be back soon with more.

In service of the station,

Judge Do

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