Wild Onion Lilies are Everywhere!

Spring is here & it's time to get out and forage some of the local food bounty offered up by the Santa Cruz Mountains. As you drive around Boulder Creek, the small white flowers of wild onion lilies can be seen all over town. I have spotted them on route 9 travelling in both directions. I also noticed that by the time I got to Felton, they aren't nearly as prevalent. One more thing that makes Boulder Creek so amazing!

Wild Onion Lilies are versatile and very easy to use in a number of dishes. First, to identify them properly, rip off a blade or bunch of flowers and crush it between your fingers. If it smells like onions, you are good to go. Basically treat them like scallions. You can wash off the bulb, cut it & the whole blade up & add to marinades, omelets, sprinkle over roasted veggies, sliced tomatoes with crumbled cheese, grilled meats, make salad dressing, anything! You can also break apart the flowers and use them to sprinkle over salads or pasta dishes.

As soon as you notice the first patch & i.d. them, you'll start seeing patches all over Boulder Creek. Happy Foraging!

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