Half & Half

With The Skokiaan Guy

Wednesdays 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Half & Half with host, The Skokiaan Guy,  is split into two parts.  The first half of each show is music from the past 100 years, loosely based around 1960’s-1970’s rock music.  You can expect to hear soul, country, blues, doo wop, Frank Zappa, indie 45’s world music, etc. 

The second hour of the show is a specialty program that changes focus each week.  Blues one week, country the next, then ska, or Skokiaan, or Doo Wop, or Zappa related doo wop music, or whatever. 

The Skokiaan Guy “Rules” of free form radio;

(with thanks to Tom Donahue, Norman Davis, Dusty Street and Bonnie Simmons)

  1. Only play the good stuff.

  2. You can experiment and play whatever you want, but never be more than about five minutes from something that people are familiar with.

  3. Radio should provide a balance between entertainment and education.  Always make it entertaining, but try to provide some education as you go.

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