The Wildman-

Currently on Hiatus for the Summer

          The Wildman was born in parts unknown. It is believed that he lived most of his life on an uncharted island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.  The legend states that the Wildman climbed to the top of the highest mountain of the island and became “one with the universe.”  When the Wildman came down from the mountain 40 days later he knew his destiny.  The Wildman built a raft out of coca and banana leaves and set his course for a New World.  He was picked up by a fishing boat near the southern tip of Florida.   

          The Wildman's arrival into the United States was met with mixed emotion/approval.  He was eventually purchased by a touring circus agency and put on display.  While touring the country, he was exposed to the best music in all the land.  The Wildman ultimately escaped in the Santa Cruz and San Jose area. 

         The Wildman saw the mountainous habituate of the San Lorenzo Valley.... The Wildman knew this is where he would find his destiny.  Upon his arrival to this area he was immediately engaged by KBCZ 90.1 FM Boulder Creek Community Radio as a maniacal disc jockey. 

The Wild Man starts the weekend right from 7:00-9:00 pm on Monday nights. 

The Wildman loves The Wildman. 

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