Our Wish List

  • Small computer chairs

  •  Computer desks

  • A Laptop

  • A bookshelf or shelving to hold LP's

  • Broadcast Condenser Mics  (under $50.00 on Amazon)

  • SM58 or SM57 mics

  • Small mixing board(8 channels)

  • An AM/FM stereo receiver with speakers

  • Studio speakers

  • Headphones(under $30.00 on Amazon)

  • Desk Lamps, Tall Lamps

  • Office supplies

  • CD's of all genres

  • LP's

  • A wall clock(light weight)

  • Turntables, needles and cartridges

  • Gift Card from Sweetwater or Amazon for misc cords, etc.

  • A cool electric vehicle  that looks like the Munsters Mobile with KBCZ painted on the side.

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